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Anna Rabhan, PO Box 600105, Jacksonville, FL 32260;;

Writing Specialties: Writing and editing commercial marketing materials (direct mail, pamphlets, etc.) and corporate documents (employee handbooks, press releases, etc.); book proposals; manuscript critique and editing; textbooks/instructions; magazine editing.

Media Experience: Newspaper, magazine, newsletter, corporate, brochures, direct mail, Web content, photography, speeches.

Periodical Credits: EU Jacksonville (print and Web); (online presence of the Florida Times-Union).

Clients: PGA Tour (editing/proofreading corporate documents); Sisters of Mercy (medical interpretation); Tutoring Club of Jacksonville (commercial & corporate editing & writing, curriculum writing, etc.); Deborah Hansen, author (book proposal editing & guidance); J. Connolly (manuscript critique & editing; personal, academic & business writing, critique & editing); numerous resume clients; George Campbell, author (review & critique of book); Dept. of Defense Dependents Schools (document translation); Chesterfield Co. Public Schools (scoring of technical writing); Commonwealth Clinic (translation of promotional pamphlet); Patricia Fitz (interpretation).

Awards: Winner of Florida Times-Union's 2009 movie review contest; recognized by Florida Writers Association for presentation of freelancing seminar; recognized for work done for FWA Lighthouse Book Award competition.

Comments: I hold a B.A. in English with a minor in Spanish, a Master of Teaching and a current teaching license. I taught both overseas and in the U.S. for 15 years. I have extensive experience with travel and various cultures and languages. I am now a full-time freelance writer, editor, educator and consultant. Strengths are travel; education/teaching; time management and personal/home/work organization; foreign countries, ethnic cultures and languages; environment, ecology and outdoors; interviews and profiles; reviews/criticism; health and nutrition; women's interests; history; current events and news; and writing-related topics. I am very organized and thorough. Writing samples are available through my Web site and by e-mail.


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