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(May 20, 2015) Eldon Sarte has launched a new Wordpreneur Library of free original ebooks for indie authors and self-publishers. They are available for instant download, and all you need to do get them is sign up to receive notice of new ebooks. Sign up here:

(May 20, 2015) Jacquelyn Lynn and Jerry D. Clement have launched "Images for Impact" under their Faith Works brand - especially for bloggers and small businesses needing images for blogs, websites, social media and more. Worth checking out at

(May 18, 2015) Robyn A. Friedman, Freelance Writer, is a ProfNet Success Story. Specificaqlly, she details how she uses ProfNet to locate sources, as we have long suggested in FWR. Read her story at

(May 13, 2015) Judy Bruce will appear at a launch party for her new book, Death Steppe, on May 23, 2-4 pm, at Soul Desires Bookstore, 1026 Jackson, Omaha, Nebraska. A World War II noevl, Death Steppe received a super positive review from Kirkus: ""A stirring historical novel that plumbs the depths of war for the possibilities of love....Written in a wise, often poetical prose....An epic portrayal of a romance born out of the rubble of World War II." Available at Amazon.

(May 1, 2015)  This winter, Barbara (Bobbi) Florio Graham was asked to help the SCRIBE webmaster refine information on their website, as she's been a columnist for this organization's newsletter for many years and he knew what expertise she had to offer. As a result of that, she was asked to write an article about how nonprofit organizations can ensure they comply with IRS and Revenue Canada for the American Federation of Mineralogy Societies. It's in their May newsletter: - Bobbi also worked on two book contracts in April. One client was approached by a major trade publisher in NY, and wondered if she needed an agent to negotiate the contract for her nonfiction book. She hired Bobbi instead, and is thrilled that the publisher accepted most of the modifications Bobbi suggested, using the arguments she put forward, raised the advance, and included escalating clauses for royalties. The other client is a local woman who retired as a Canadian ambassador and was appointed as a Justice of the Peace. But she had a children's book she really wanted to publish, and came to Bobbi after being rejected by several publishers. She, too, wanted to know if she needed to hire an agent, and Bobbi suggested a few more publishers and wrote up the contract she needed with the illustrator she had selected. She then returned to Bobbi this winter when a major publisher in the U.K. (who has offices in London and New York) responded to her query, and sent their contract. Again, they accepted most of the modifications Bobbi suggested, and told her they will use her book to launch their new children's imprint!

(April 28, 2015) Kensington Publishers have announced that audio rights for the first three titles in Carol J. Perry's Witch City Mysteries, Caught Dead Handed, Tails, You Lose and Look Both Ways, have gone to Tantor Media. They'll be available in June 2015.

(April 21, 2015) PAWtners in Crime is the 10th book in the Klepto Cat Mystery series and Patricia Fry's 50th published book. When Michael and Savannah invite young burn victim and heir Arthur Spence into their home, they don't expect danger to follow. The sensationalism around his family's dark secrets have the paparazzi in a photo-snapping frenzy and the young man isn't yet equipped to deal with their shenanigans. Kindle edition is on Amazon.

(April 11, 2015) Patricia Fry's Celebrity Cat Caper: A Klepto Cat Mystery (Volume 6) is now available in print format at Amazon. Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, becomes a therapy cat in a children's reading program, and you will enjoy the fast-paced story with many twists and turns.

(April 2, 2015)  Prudy Taylor Board, author of both horror novels and mysteries, says writing in different genres is easy…but do your homework first, in an online interview with Mary Yuhas at "The Harvard Square Edition."

(March 31, 2015) Tails, You Lose, the second book in Carol J. Perry's Witch City Mystery Series, published today. "After losing her job as a TV psychic, Lee Barrett has decided to volunteer her talents as an instructor at the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts – known as "The Tabby" – in her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. But when the school's handyman turns up dead under seemingly inexplicable circumstances on Christmas night, Lee's clairvoyant capabilities begin bubbling to the surface once again." Available in both paperback and Kindle formats


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