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(February 4, 2016) Roberta Sandler's article, "George Washington's Barbados," has been published in the 2016 issue of Waves, a thick magazine placed in guest rooms on Norwegian Cruise Line's ships. In addition, Roberta recently discovered that the Wikipedia article on Bellevue Plantation in Tallahassee ( uses one of her articles from 1999 as a reference.

(February 1, 2016) Suzann B. Goldstein has added a new post to her blog, Visit to read the essay, "A Medical Problem That Won'T Go Away."

(January 18, 2016) The winter issue of The Byline, the newsletter of the National Capital Region of the  Canadian Authors' Association, contains another article on creativity, the first of four commissioned by them after they printed Barbara Florio Graham's initial article in the fall issue, along with a charming account of her November workshop for the group. Go to: and click on the current issue of Byline Magazine.  Go to Bobbi's site for a description of her full creativity course, an online tutorial you can take at any time:

(January 14, 2016) Roberta Sandler has completed writing about family-fun attractions and volunteerism opportunities for Relocating to Palm Beach County magazine, which provides information to families and businesses new to the area.

(January 14, 2016) Jacquelyn Lynn has published a new Faith Works e-book, Blogging for Pastors: How Pastors and Churches Can use Blogging to Share their Messages, Grow their Congregations and More! It's for any faith leader, whether ordained or a lay leader, who wants to reach and build a relationship with a broader audience than is possible through face-to-face communication methods. It's available as a Kindle book at or as a PDF from Jackie's website:

(January 5, 2016)  Kay Harwell Fernandez has published an e-book, It Ain't Heavy, It's My Luggage: Tips for Older Women Traveling Abroad - practical pointers and encouragement (with a touch of hunmor) on how women in their 60s, 70s and beyond -- whether going solo or with female friends or relatives -- can travel overseas smoothly and safely while broadening their horizons. It's available on Kindle plus via Smashwords, the distributor for Apple and Barnes & Noble, among others.

(December 30, 2015)  Patricia Fry has published a new Klepto Cat Mystery Meow for the Money. The latest Klepto Cat Mystery (number 14) is available for your Kindle

(December 18, 2015)  Jacquelyn Lynn has written and published a new title in her "Conversations" series: Get Your Book Published: How to Choose Between Self-publishing, Traditional Publishing or Pay-to-publish Options. In this book, based on an in-depth conversation with self-publishing consultant and editorial project manager Marla Markman, Markman Editorial Services, you'll learn what you need to know to choose the path to publication that's best for you. Amazon Kindle version - PDF version.

(December 14, 2015)  Suzann B. Goldstein has added a new post to her blog: "Informed Consent and Cancer: The Contrast Between Henrietta Lacks and Mckenna Wetzel." Read it and share your thoughts at

(November 29, 2015)  Len Diamond's novel, Dogpound Manifesto is now available on Smashwords. In this humorous novel, an undistinguished young man inadvertently becomes a crusader when he impulsively hijacks an Animal Regulation Department truck and frees the animals it's carrying. Actions of others lead to his arrest, and a trial where, with the help of a dirty, rotten, but gratifying trick the hero is acquitted, and the case for Animal Rights is made.

(November 29, 2015)  Patricia Fry has published A Picture-Purrfect Christmas (A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 13) - A spellbinding story of love, hope, and a child's innocent Christmas dreams. See more on Amazon and at the publisher's site.


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