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For someone who puts a lot of stock in web-based marketing, I was impressed to find that your website link http://writers-editors.com produces more than 67M results in Google, http://bit.ly/WIcN8S. I had no idea you were that successful getting links to your site. What a great job. I was comparing some of the top sites for writers to see how much traction one other site I am considering joining is getting, then I thought of checking yours. I was so surprised. You have many times more links back to you than other sites. This kind of thing makes me want to leverage my membership in your organization more. That reach demonstrates a few things about you, your site and your business. -- David Geer, technology writer, www.linkedin.com/in/daviddgeer, www.davidgeer.com

I received an excellent Kirkus review for my first book, A Patient's Perspective - Tips for Your Doctor Visits and More.  Kudos and thanks to Dana Cassell and others on this site who have helped me in my endeavors. -- Patricia Cyr

Because of reading in FWR about a technology magazine starting up back in 1996, I've been a Contributing Editor to them ever since. They are still my mainstay for my tech-writing (EngineeringInk) income, and my multiple corporate clients have all come from connections made because of those articles. -- Pamela Waterman, www.MetalMouthMedia.net and www.EngineeringInk.com

While there is free content on this site, when you become a member, you receive a monthly newsletter that includes information about markets, many of them new. Well worth the price. -- Kelly James-Enger in "6 Ways to Find Markets for Your Work, The Writer, December 2011, www.WriterMag.com

I am so busy with editing -- get a lot of jobs from your posts. -- Cindy Davis, www.fiction-doctor.com

Keep up the great work with the newsletter (Freelance Writer's Report/FWR). Yours is one of the few things I receive in the mail that I feel compelled to read that day or the very next at the latest! TC McClenning, PR/Marketing Consultant and Copywriter, Top Cat Creative Services, www.topcatcreative.com

With the member press tag attached to my briefcase, I am much more likely to be immediately taken to the right people to interview when writing news as a correspondent for the three county papers I regularly write for. I learned while employed as a staff writer for a major news organization to always display credentials, especially when entering schools, parks, hospitals - and now, even workplaces, for interviews and photos. Penny Fletcher, author of Soft News, www.pennyfletcher.com

I was just thinking about how much work I've gotten through Writers-Editors Network -- all from clients who sought me out in the "Meet Writers" listings! Between September and April, I've earned $2,500 from one client, and will invoice them for another $1,200 this month. And another client has paid me $300 and asked if I will be available if and when future assignments come up. So $4,000 in less than eight months -- I'd call that a very good return on my investment! Paula Hendrickson, freelance writer and columnist.

The monthly FWR is always a welcome sight in my mailbox. It contains much valuable & relevant information. Also, for a freelancer like me who works at home, it keeps me connected. Jane Kenny, author of RVers Guide to Corps of Engineers Campgrounds (Roundabout Publications).

Good Reports. Well worth the cost. (written on an Oklahoma member's renewal form)

I've been getting Freelance Writer's Report since a writer friend recommended it when I started freelancing, probably around 1992 or so, and I still *love* getting it. I usually get it in the mail on my way out for school pick-ups, and read it cover to cover in the car while I'm waiting. I always circle something, and often follow up on it that day. Keep up the great work! Pam Waterman, The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love, www.bracescookbook.com

Your website has more than paid for my subscription over the years, and I've found lucrative reprint markets I would have never known about otherwise as well."  Kelly James-Enger, www.becomebodywise.com

Having my name mentioned on this site has brought more traffic to my own website than any other  mention on the web! -- Tracy Koretsky, author of 15-time award-winning novel, Ropeless, www.readropeless.com

As a result of a head-hunting firm doing an Internet search, I landed a $150,000 a year job in Southern California as Managing Editor for Kettley Publishing, one of the nation's leading e-publishers for the financial services industry. This would never have happened if it had not been for the FFWA/CNW website. (That's where they found me!) Glenn Swift, www.glennswift.com

I have been getting some good inquiries from a variety of editors recently because of being listed with you. I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do. You are very professional and I appreciate the way you are organized. Dennis Blank, Altamonte Springs, Florida.

I've gotten around 10 paying assignments from your market lists (in about 11 months' membership).  Not all were high paying, but some were! You're doing a good job. Keep up the good work.  David Geer - your on time technology writer! www.GeerCom.com

Thank you for referring my name through the Writer Data Bank. I worked on a small project with a client who was so pleased she's hired me to edit and polish a book manuscript. Thankfully, I submitted info to be included in the WDB -- it's been well worth it. I've had several inquiries but this one is an excellent match. Lisa Wroble; www.lisawroble.com

Thanks to listings I found on the Bulletin Board I recently wrote a 15-week online course (distance learning) entitled "Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education," for a company called Education Direct. I've also written several reading selections for various achievement test projects being developed by Riverside Publishing. Both of these companies were easy to work with and met their financial agreements in a very timely fashion. Thanks for the valuable service. Bea Davis

"By carefully reading the information in the new markets section and on the bulletin board, I've targeted publications that fit well with my niche and developed long-term relationships with clients that pay me very well. I've recommended (membership) to other writers, who also have had a good measure of success with it.  I think I can safely say I'll be a subscriber as long as I'm in business! It's the best client-prospecting tool I have. Pat Curry, Freelance writer and editor

"I first subscribed to Freelance Writer's Report (FWR) in 1987, the year I began writing professionally. I've made my living almost exclusively as a freelancer ever since. After fifteen years in the business, I still read FWR greedily, knowing there will be at least one thing within those 8 pages I can use to make my business more successful right away. FWR has strike-while-hot new markets and market updates, but I get instant benefit from the tips by other pros. Sometimes there's a technique I can use in my next pitch to an editor, or a new way to make sure I'll be on the "A" list when an editor I've worked with needs a writer again. FWR occasionally offers a high-level nugget on writing itself, but the focus of the newsletter is on the business of writing and that doesn't mean color-coding your notes. If you already know how to write, but want to learn how to make more money at it, Freelance Writer's Report is a cut-to-the-paycheck thrill ride that screeches right up to the bank." Rebecca Rohan, author of Building Better Web Pages (Morgan Kaufmann)

"Thank you for a lead that I found on the Bulletin Board at the FFWA/WEN Web site. I applied in November for a freelance position, and at first, they told me that although I was in the final three interviews (by phone) that they had hired someone else. I asked them to keep me in mind for any future projects. Then, about a month later they called again, and asked if I would be interested to try writing for them for a month or so because they had some extra work. So, I did, and they were very nice, and it has been the beginning of a beautiful friendship ever since!" Mali Schantz-Feld, Seminole, Florida

"I only pay for ONE writer's service, and CNW is it. In the past two years it has helped me gain my independence as a freelance writer, and in these trying times, that's saying a whole lot. Well worth the investment, whatever level of the writing game you're on!" ~ Rusty Fischer, www.alikelystory.itgo.com

"Thought I should tell you that I just completed a speech-writing assignment for a client who found me via the CNW writers-editors.com website. She was great to work with, and may pass my name on to others, as she works in the financial field in a large U.S. city.  Thanks again to CNW!" Barbara Florio Graham, Gatineau, Quebec, www.SimonTeakettle.com

"About a year ago I re-joined FFWA after a several year membership hiatus. Within a month I found an ad on the Writers-Editors web site from a marketing research company looking for focus group report writers. I wrote the required sample report, sent them a resume, and within 48 hours they called me with what turned out to be a $2,700 job. As the months progressed - and even with the advent of the post-9-11 business downturn - they continued giving me work. In December they hired me full-time! Now I not only have a regular paycheck and am getting to use all of my reporter/writer skills but I'm also learning the ropes of a new career. My skills are becoming even more marketable, and they've been paying me to learn. I will be forever indebted to Dana Cassell and FFWA, because without them this amazing turn of events in my professional life would never have happened. Thanks so much!" Gwen Carden

"I really appreciate the Writer Data Bank, and have gotten several assignments just from being listed. This past summer, I received an assignment to write an article for a hospitality publication. The pay was fair and I was well treated. Thanks, WDB." Prudy Taylor Board, Delray Beach, Fla.

"I received a call from a national health organization, thanks to CNW the editor found me on Writers-Editors.com and from an article I wrote in Mamm magazine.  You are the best! I have work already and the opportunity is ongoing!" Bethanne Black, Health & Medical Writer

"I recently re-joined FFWA and began regularly looking at the job bank listings. Within a month I made contact with a company that gave me a $2,700 job. I'd say my $90 membership fee was money well-spent." Gwen Carden

I can't remember how long I've been a member of FFWA/CNW, but I *do* know that every time the renewal comes around I gladly write the check because some time during that year I've had to call or e-mail with a question and you have always been there for me our own personal "writer's resources clearinghouse.  Julie Bettinger, Tallahassee.

"This publication (Freelance Writer's Report) always provides me with generous leads and helpful information. While targeted at writers (aren't book authors writers?), it gives publishers, self-publishers and published authors many avenues for book promotion and sales. Well worth the money to join/subscribe."  Betsy Lampe, Rainbow Books and Florida Publishers Association.

" was delighted to hear from a publisher who had found my profile on the web site. This has resulted in multiple assignments. Thanks." Hassell Wright

"Because of writers-editors.com, I have just been hired by the national editor of a relatively new magazine to write health stories for consumers. The fee for having my Bio added to your site (Meet Our Writers) was the best money ever spent." Bethanne Black, Lawrenceville, GA.

"Once again, your work on behalf of writers brings me good news. Recently I began two columns for a new children's magazine as the result of a timely listing on your "Job Postings" for FFWA members. Today I received a phone call wanting me to proceed with training as a writing instructor a position I applied for as a result of another "Job Posting" you had. Thanks, Dana. God bless you and your hard work." Mary Harwell Sayler, Deland, Fla.

"Thanks to Freelance Writer's Report, the Writer Data Bank and Meet Our Writers section, I have landed nearly a dozen writing assignments. One recent contact could very well lead to a long-term association. The website is outstanding and easy to navigate. I'm a long-time member of Florida Freelance Writers Association and have found that the organization is consistently an invaluable and professional resource for my full-time freelance writing profession. Thanks, Dana, for all your help with this writing life." Kay Harwell Fernandez, Ormond Beach, Fla.

"While I subscribe to and buy other writing newsletters and magazines, FWR is the only one to which I maintain a subscription. It's small, but it is always packed with information and news I can use." - Patricia Fry, Ojai, Cal., author of A Writer's Guide to Magazine Articles for Book Promotion and Profit.

"Thanks to your organization and the Web site listing writers' bios (Meet Our Writers), a marketing firm in Pompano Beach 'found' me and gave me a lucrative assignment writing Web content for a major pharmaceutical firm." - Carol Brzozowski, Coral Springs, Fla.

"Your service has truly been a gift to me. I have received three contacts from editors in the past two weeks alone! Pleasant, established clients that pay well and appreciate good writing/editing. An editor from (a national women's magazine) called today and she will be assigning me a few pieces in her publication. She did a Writer Data Bank search, then liked my profile in the 'Meet Writers' section.  I'm thrilled to break into this new market!" - Bethanne Black, Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Membership in FFWA has been very helpful to me. I look forward to getting the Writer's Report, and to visiting the website.  I also appreciate your helpfulness and quick response every time I've had a question.  I consider the cost of my membership a good investment. I'm doing some work I found through the member's Bulletin Board." - DeLene Sholes, Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

"I have gotten some great leads from this Web site in the past few months.  You have the BEST job site on the Net.  I know, because I think I have looked at every single one." - Christine Adamec, Palm Bay, Fla.

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how helpful all the services that you offer have been. I check the CNW members Bulletin Board just about daily and read your newsletter as soon as it arrives. I purchased all of the publications that you offer and am using some of them as my guidelines for this project.  In addition, I have several other prospective clients as a result of your postings. As a beginning free lance writer I thank you for your professional guidance." - Marie R. Gabrielson, Ed.D., Maplewood, NJ

"While browsing through the bookstore yesterday, I flipped through a copy of the Freelance Rates and Standard Practice book and noted that I'm in the top 15 percent of the highest-paid freelance writers.  CNW has played a role in my success and I promote the organization widely to aspiring freelance writers." - Carol Brzozowski-Gardner, Coral Springs, Fla.

"I love getting Freelance Writer's Report. I always find so many topics/story ideas to query." - Fred. W. Wright Jr., St. Petersburg, Fla.

"Even after 25 years in the writing business, I still call the CNW hotline a lot. I get fast, on-the-money answers every time." - David Kohn, Deerfield Beach, Fla.

"As a professional writer, membership in FFWA has been an incredibly effective tool.  FFWA has been the source of invaluable marketing information, well-paying writing and editing assignments, educational material about writing techniques, data about the writing business, research material, networking opportunities and professional friendships. Since I joined, I've sold countless articles, two novels and I'm working on my 10th nonfiction book.  Nine of those books have sold!  Thanks, Dana; thanks, FFWA!" - Prudy Taylor Board, Delray Beach, Fla.

"Thank you very much for sending me the articles on public relations work, after our phone conversation.  I was delighted to receive them so quickly.  They helped me to make an informed decision.  I appreciate the reliable advice and valuable service you provide to freelance writers." - C.K., California

"...a wonderful newsletter for the serious writer and photographer with tips, markets and other information." - B.G., Florida

"One of the best publications for writers. I subscribe to about ten others, so I have plenty of comparisons. The market info is tops, the quick reads snappy and direct, and the common-sense material applicable to all types of writers." - L.C., Arkansas

"I received a letter yesterday from the business department of (publisher) stating a check would be sent (next week). I want to thank you for phoning (publisher) in my behalf.  I really appreciate it." - O.D., Florida

"Definitely worth my investment. Best move I ever made." - J.B., Florida

"Thanks for referring me to (legal hotline). It took him less than ten minutes to tell me what I needed to know about trademark laws (I'd been on the phone for two days with lawyers here). A godsend for struggling writers." - M.S., Georgia

"I consider Freelance Writer's Report one of the best sources of new markets; it continues to be the best source of useful tips I've come across; I find it well worth the money." - B.G., Canada

"A million thanks for the referral from (WDB). I'm sure (client) and I will engage in further work." - J.J., Florida


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